Volunteer Spotlight – Susie

Susie Cable, the avid rescuer of problematic and last chance dogs, is a real asset to every rescue lucky enough to be on her radar. She will knock herself out walking dogs, no matter the weather. She will volunteer for every event and then create the most beautiful artistic crafts for sale. Her baking is out of this world!

 And for all of the above reasons I strong-armed her into coming with me to begin this White Whiskers project for senior dogs. (All I really did was ask her and she readily accepted. But the strong-arming part makes for a more interesting story.)

 Sue moved into her new home where the people who sold it to her, abandoned their cat. Sue took the cat on, despite having several rescue dogs. She adopted Honey from the Niagara SPCA when Honey (a petite beagle) weighed 70 some odd pounds and couldn’t walk. There was also Bear, a cross between a dog and his namesake, a monstrous, old, yellow mix whose waving tale could level a coffee table.

 When I heard about Hershey, an equally large chocolate lab who was way up in years and had pretty much been neglected for most of them, I put him on our adoptables page, and Sue stepped right up.

 She is quiet, unassuming, reserved and great fun to hang around with. She loves flea markets and garage sales and is the best dinner companion! There’s a reason everyone loves her! She’s a WONDERFUL person!

 Here are the questions I devised for her:

 1.     Would you rather:

A. Go on a cruise

B. Meet your favorite celebrity

C. Win at the Casino


D. Walk a dog

 Answer: Can I take my dog on a cruise? No? Then skip the cruise, I’ll walk my dog while we’re camping

 2.     Which dog breed do you think your personality most resembles?

 Answer: Beagle I think… lazy sometimes but energetic other times. Quiet yet loud and mouthy.

3.     What was your favorite childhood pet?

Answer: Midnight, the best little dog was my only childhood pet except for 2 turtles I named King and Queen. But then I got the best cat ever when I was in high school… so those are my favorite childhood pets 

4.     You take the lost cause and last chance dogs. You are kind of like the Mother Theresa of canines. Do people ever give you a hard time about that? And if they do, how do you respond?

Answer: I don’t remember anybody ever giving me a hard time or questioning why I do it. I wouldn’t listen if they did… seniors rock!!

Suzie, you ARE AMAZING! We are so lucky to have you!

– Polla Milligan, Founder & Director