April 2024

Sanctuary Update:

Dear Fellow Whiskerites;

First of all, I want to thank all of you for your interest and investments in this, our senior dog sanctuary project. It’s been a long road with some fairly significant setbacks, but also some wonderful moments as well.

We have been blessed by an engaged and active board of directors, by our stunningly hard-working and creative volunteers and our many, many loyal supporters. Our contractor, Ryan Szymanek and his wife, Val, who recently joined him, have worked so hard to keep us on track despite the unexpected curveballs they have been thrown.

Here is the crux of the matter. I had major emergency surgery on March 8. I was hospitalized for 11 days. Now that I am home, my recovery is going slowly, although I will be back to my old, energetic self at some point – certainly by the time we open our sanctuary doors. We plan on a big celebration/grand opening weekend and will give everyone ample notice so you can all attend.

Unfortunately, we had to cancel our biggest and most lucrative annual event – our beloved Sashay into Summer Doggie Fashion Show. This comes at a difficult time for us because we still have lots of expenses to make our sanctuary the wonderful refuge it will be for our residents and visitors.

I honestly am uncomfortable asking for donations, but currently, our contributions have slowed way down. My greatest fear is that we will finish the rebuilding but then not have the needed finances to begin operations. You are the lifelines of our critical rescue work, and we need you more than ever! So I am asking you now to help us by sending a donation in any amount. You will be making it possible for us to start taking in homeless dogs immediately upon opening and giving them the loving care and medical help they will need.

Every day, I receive notices from people and rescues asking me to provide a home for senior dogs down on their luck. Whether it is because their owners have passed away or are going into a facility where dogs cannot go with them, through no fault of their own, these pups are most likely going to be placed in shelters or, even worse, slated for euthanasia.

If White Whiskers doesn’t have the funds to care for our residents right away that will be a tragedy. Although we have helped to rehome several hundred senior dogs with our White Whiskers Senior Dog Adoptables’ FB page, there are so many more that need us. And please remember – we are an all-volunteer organization at this point.

Please consider contributing to the cause today via check to:

White Whiskers Senior Dog Sanctuary

POB 366

Buffalo, NY 14225

or PayPal White Whiskers Senior Dog Sanctuary

or Venmo @Polla-Milligan

Thank you in advance for your continued support!

Polla Milligan, Founder

Only a few days left to get your spring bulb orders in! 50% of each sale is donated directly to us! Use the link below to check out the sale.

Our Spring Auction begins on April 28th!

Use the button below to view the items that have been added so far. Many more to come! The auction begins on April 28th at noon and runs through May 5th at 8pm. Don’t worry, we will send you and email letting you know when the auction is live and it is time to bid!

A Senior Success Story…

Maggie May is 17 years old, nearly blind and found herself looking for a new home after her elderly owner broke his hip and could no longer care for the dog he has since a puppy. Luckily, they contacted White Whiskers and she can to stay with us. This sweet little girl has a lot of life left to live. She was frightened and disoriented at first but after only a week or so she is doing amazing. She’s mostly going potty outside and using pee pads when she needs to.She loves checking the smells out in the back yard. She learned to go up and down the porch steps like a champ. She did wonderful at the vet and at the groomers where she was pampered and boiled. Maggie May will spend her senior years comfortable with us. But this is why White Whiskers Senior Dog Sanctuary is so important.

Susie, Maggies new mom & White Whiskers Volunteer

Do you have any?

  • Can tabs
  • Dash’s grocery receipts

If so, you can bring them to any of our fundraising events and we will turn them in for cash!