About Us

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a 501c3?

White Whiskers Senior Dog Sanctuary is thankful for the hard-work and support of our Board Members.

Where is your location?

Our location is in Akron, NY.

How soon will this happen?

We will work diligently to obtain the funds necessary to complete the renovations and provide for at least two years of operating expenses. Our goal is to be operational by the year 2023.

What kind of a facility will it be?

We want a welcoming, comfortable facility for all = NO KENNELS! No concrete floors! Big old comfy sofas and dog beds for all! Because we want it to be available to humans who can benefit from interactions with dogs, we will have a meeting room, a kitchen area and retro-fitted bathrooms, compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act’s Guidelines.

How many dogs will you serve?

Our agreement with the Village of Akron is to house no more than 25 dogs at a time.. However, with our focus on adoptions, we will positively impact many more

Will there be volunteer opportunities?

Yes! We always need volunteers for fundraising and, while renovating, we will need painting and other help. Once we are operational, we will need volunteers for dog care, cleaning, grounds keeping, etc.

Will you be hiring?

Not at this time.

Will you be holding fundraising events?

Frequently, as we intend to keep this up and running for a very long time. Support will always be needed and appreciated!

How will you be a “community partner”?

We intend to work with local nonprofit agencies and populations that will benefit from the therapeutic nature of dogs, including but not limited to Autism Services, People Inc., literacy groups, and other social service organizations as well as Veterans associations. We also want a Memory garden, open to all, and ongoing, on-the-premises self-help group grief sessions for those who are mourning lost pets.