Volunteer Spotlight – The Bellina Sisters

Brenda Bellina and her sister, Cheryl Hayes Bellina, seem to have appeared out of nowhere and are now indispensable volunteers for White Whiskers. They are so much help and so often available and no job is too menial or beyond them. And they are so much fun to work with! 

They are both true animal people and willing to do all they can to further our White Whiskers cause and make it a reality. 

In Brenda’s words: I am volunteering because I’ve been an animal lover my whole life, and want to help them as much as possible because that’s when I am most happy – when I can make a difference! 

And in Cheryl’s – Cat mom here, my place doesn’t allow dogs but have had and loved many in the past. That’s why I’m involved with WW. I can’t wait to come snuggle and love on our doggies!  

Whatever their motivation, they are now permanent partners. And we wouldn’t have it any other way!

– Polla Milligan, Founder & Director