Volunteer Spotlight, Meet Robyn!

On December 9, 2019, White Whiskers was pretty much just an idea. We were working on the procurement of our 501c3, and we were holding Town Hall Meetings in libraries throughout Niagara and Erie Counties to attract new volunteers.

December 9 was at the Grand Island Memorial Library. And that’s where Robyn Stevens appeared and announced she would be doing a block sale for us in the summertime.

We knew nothing about COVID at the time, and everything seemed possible. I remember thinking that was a really generous offer. But having been a part of many yard, garage and block sales in the past, I had minimal expectations.

Robyn came to Whiskers’ ‘Even Old Dogs Need Love’ Valentine’s event. With her she brought two big old bulldogs in a stroller to get their photos taken with Cupid. They were absolutely precious! But I still had no idea what kind of a goldmine I had stepped into the day Robyn decided to join up with us.

That became apparent when we held Robyn’s block sale on July 24 & 25th of 2020. It was hot as heck and COVID was an issue, but that block sale made over $9,000 for Whiskers!!! UNBELIEVABLE!

Since then, Robyn has proven her super value to us 100 times over! She ran the auction (with next month’s star volunteer) which was a screaming success! Her ideas and guidance have been spot on. In short, she is indispensable to our organization! And we are truly grateful for her talents and enthusiasm for our cause.

We had a couple of questions for her:

Q: Do you have a favorite movie featuring a dog?

A: Men in Black- my first dog on my own was a fawn pug named Hercules.

Q: What is the one thing your dogs eat that gets YOU salivating?

A: My dogs get people food from time to time. We spoil due to mostly adopting seniors or special needs. So def. PIZZA.

Q: Which kind of dog most resembles your personality?

A: Well I took an online quiz. One said Lab and the other was Pug.

We just want to say a BIG thank you to Robyn, one of our 5 Paws volunteers!

– Polla Milligan, Founder & Director