Volunteer Spotlight, Meet Mary!

Meet Volunteer Extraordinaire Mary Gross!

I first met Mary several years ago in Lewiston during one of their many street fairs/celebrations. She was selling her hand-crafted art to help a local animal rescue group. I thought her items were wonderful, and I snagged one of her business cards. I also purchased a little stuffed mouse which I am looking at right now.

During the last year of my job at the shelter, Mary approached me wanting to volunteer in some way.  She was embarking on what she called Poured Paint Classes. After showing me some of the work, I was sold. I asked her to attend our upcoming Christmas basket raffle/fundraiser. She did so and did paint pouring demos/craft-making all afternoon generating a sizeable donation for the shelter.

When I retired to open White Whiskers, I brought Mary with me, and our Artistic Creations FB page was born! For those of you familiar with Mary’s fabulous work and that page in particular, you know what a wonderful boon it has been for our mission. She has literally raised thousands of dollars both through her art and by inspiring other artists to create and donate as well! The page is ALWAYS humming with activity and fun. And her group of other admins (and art page partner, Kim,) have done an AMAZING job in so many ways!!!

Mary is a worker bee – incredibly gifted, diligent and chock full of great ideas! She doesn’t let anything get in the way of her productivity – and this year has been a real physical challenge for her. 

Whiskers is blessed by the good will and generosity of its many followers. But it takes a visionary like Mary to come up with an idea, put it together, attract so many supporters and turn it into gold. Mary is a one-of-a-kind person with vision, talent, and best of all, a kind and giving heart.


If you were going to be stuck in a space capsule for a year, what 3 things would you want to bring with you?


My wine…dry. My pup Simon.  He’s 100 lbs. of love. My husband Dave. I would need someone to bug for a year!


Which one of these things do you think you would like to try out if you had no physical issues?

  1. Dancing the tango
  2. Playing the piano
  3. Swimming with the dolphins
  4. Spending a day at the Louvre


Dancing the tango…if a thin body with great legs were included. If not, then to swim with the dolphins…if I could fit in a two piece swimsuit….if not, then the day at the Louvre…I can sit and look at art, no swimsuit or great legs needed.


What breed of dog do you feel your personality most resembles?


That would be a pittie…strong, loyal, likes to lay around, and loves snacks!


On a desert island – who would you most like with you there for a month?

  1. Rembrandt and your dog
  2. Josh Allen and your dog
  3. Florence Nightingale and your dog
  4. Paul Newman in his prime and your dog


Florence Nightingale….my Mom was a nurse, and Simon and I could learn a lot to heal others in their time of need.

We will be forever grateful you, Mary! You have brought SO MUCH to White Whiskers!!!

– Polla Milligan, Founder & Director