Volunteer & Board Member Spotlight, Meet Kim!

Volunteer & Board Member Spotlight, Meet Kim!

Meet Board Member & Volunteer Extraordinaire Kim Jezewicz!

To say Kim is a hard worker is a gigantic understatement! Besides being the IT person at a busy law firm, a mom to 3 human children, 3 rescued dog children and an 18 ½ year old cat, she is a new Grandma too! 

She still manages to do about 1.5 bazillion things for White Whiskers! She even corralled her wonderful husband Gene into appearing at our Even Old Dogs Need Love Valentine’s event in 2020 as Cupid!

Kim also pitches in (in a BIG way) on our Artistic Creations FB page, coming up with loads of ideas, contests and other fun ways to get people engaged. And she even care-takes our Senior Adoptables page, staying on top of who has been adopted and who still needs a home.

There are probably a lot of other things she has accomplished, not only for us, but in her non-Whiskers’ life. But we have limited space here. Suffice it to say, Kim is an enormous asset for our organization, and we really don’t know what we would ever do without her!

Here are 3 questions I threw at her and her responses:

Johnny Depp in his prime or some well-known athlete?
 I am changing the actor lol I am picking Patrick Swayze! And in my husband’s prime people used to tell him he looked like him. I always said to Gene from the first day I met him that there was something about him. Hmmmm….. maybe that was it. lol

Sweet or salty snacks?
This is a tough one. Can I pick both? It all depends. I can have a very sweet tooth and love my chocolate. And then there are times I do not want sweets but crave salty snacks!

What kind of dog do you think is closest to your personality?
Now I would have had NO clue at all or if I tried to guess I would have not picked this at all because I had no idea. But it does kinda fit me and this pooch is kinda cute! See attached pic. I took the What Dog Breed Are You Quiz. lol