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Our Location

We are currently in fundraising stage of our sanctuary. If you'd like to help us raise money in order to purchase a suitable property in WNY for our senior dogs to live in a comfortable environment, please donate to our cause!

Dog Days

White Whiskers Senior Dog Sanctuary understands the therapeutic nature of dogs. We will offer space for people to spend a few hours, an afternoon, or an entire day with our dogs! Perfect for:

  • Dog lovers who are in "no dogs allowed" living situations.
  • Students and professionals who are feeling stress.
  • People suffering loss, trauma, PTSD, anxiety or depression.
  • Challenged and under-served populations.

School Field Trips

Children will be able to spend an afternoon with us reading to our dogs or learning how to take care of a pet, including how to feed a dog, brushing a dog, getting exercise with a dog, and of course - petting!

Community Service

White Whiskers Senior Dog Sanctuary is looking for volunteers to help with the daily tasks of maintaining our sanctuary. If you'd like to volunteer your time and/or services, please fill out the form below to receive more information on how you can apply to be a volunteer. Groups are also welcome for single day volunteering trips - perfect for scout troops, youth organizations, community service experience, or corporate team-building events!

Our Hours

Although we will strive to meet our visitor's needs, please be aware that our schedule changes based on the availability of our volunteers, our dogs' needs, holidays, and other events. We are a volunteer based organization, and as such, have no set hours. Because of this, the date and time that you'd like to visit us on may not be available. Please contact us to ensure that we can work out a day and time that works best for both you and our sanctuary!

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