Their only flaw is that their lives are too short.

We know how painful it is to lose a 4-legged family member. We also know that not everyone understands the depth of misery one can sink to after such a loss. But because we do understand, and we have been there, we are going to create a memorial garden on White Whiskers’ property. And everyone who cares to will be able to plant or erect something to honor their departed pet. 

We also intend to hold group grief sessions in the house. Everyone can have a box of kleenex and one of our dogs on their laps. We will hold these meetings monthly, and we will share photos and stories of those pets we have lost. It will be a good way to come to terms with our sorrow and promote the healing process. 

Whiskers doesn’t just care about dogs – we care about the people who love them as well!

Here is a link to 20 things that can help you heal after the loss of a pet. Click Here.