September 2023 Newsletter




As a Give 716 charitable organization, we were invited to join the Bills Foundation in their 50-50 raffle for the home opener, Raiders vs Bills to help support our Western New York Community.

For participating & promoting the raffle, the Buffalo Bills Foundation will be providing a grant to our organization! Tickets will be on sale September 1st-17th.

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Join us Sept 30th & Oct 1st to support our friends at the Buffalo City Animal Shelter!

Fall Holiday



Happily Ever After…


Approximately 3 months ago, a man got in touch with us looking for a home for his pup named Vespa. He said he didn’t have time for her anymore and the dog was urinating everywhere. We set about looking for a placement, advertising her on our White Whiskers Senior Dog Adoptables page

We were also having a bottle and can drive that weekend at Xtra Dime Back on Englewood Ave. in Tonawanda. Our great friend, Janine, who runs the place, said she knew a couple, Mary & Bob Battaglia, who were looking for an older dog. She arranged for them to meet Vespa. It was love at first sight as you can see from this photo! They welcomed her with open arms. 


Poor Vespa, now called Honey, had been neglected for a while. Her stomach was bloated, but she was starving! According to Mary, Honey ate everything she could get into her mouth, including bread, English muffins, a Paula’s donut and cookies. (Mary and Bob now keep all of these kinds of items stashed in their stove or their microwave.)

About a week into Honey’s new life, she became very ill. Bob and Mary rushed her to the vet, only to discover she’d had a stroke. It was a terrible time and also a very expensive one. But Bob, who had been out of work for a while and has had some difficulty finding a new job as a machinist, never hesitated to get Honey all the treatment she needed.

The great news is, Honey has made a miraculous recovery!! Because Mary and Bob only feed her the very best food and treats, she is now a slim but well-fed lady. And it is clearly a love fest for all 3. Bob has even given over his Barcalounger! Honey is doted on, and Mary and Bob are truly in love with this formerly unwanted older girl who, everyone can see, loves her new home and family!!

Whiskers is proud to have been a part of this very happy ending (or should we say beginning?) But we are only as helpful as all of you put us in a postion to be. So thank you from Honey, the Battaglias, and all the other senior dogs we have been able to find homes for and their new families. 

When you share the homeless dogs on our adoptables page, you have no idea what your assistance is leading to!



The cold weather will be upon us soon. Although most of you know how to care for your pets already, it never hurts to review helpful information. Learn how to use petroleum jelly to protect your dog. Please check out this link from the ASPCA.

Remember, if it’s too cold for you, it’s probably too cold for your pet, so keep your animals inside!