Our Mission


White Whiskers Senior Dog Sanctuary

White Whiskers Senior Dog Sanctuary of Western New York will be a unique dog shelter in the Buffalo NY area. We are an all-volunteer venture that aims to ease the stress that senior dogs experience when they lose their homes by providing a compassionate option for them to live out their years in safety, comfort, and peace.

Our Vision


White Whiskers Senior Dog Sanctuary (WWSDS) has big plans for our future dog shelter in WNY!

We value old dogs, and we plan to do our very best to ensure they can share their remaining time with people who value them as well. We envision WWSDS as a home-based organization where dogs can enjoy couch time with other canine friends or the comforts of one-on-one human companionship. Soft, comfy sofas and lounge chairs will be prevalent alongside dog beds in our canine bedrooms and social areas. Fenced outdoor spaces will provide them with a chance to enjoy fresh air and sunny days. For our more energetic seniors, walks and playtime will be available on a daily basis. 

But we will also serve as a Buffalo-Niagara community partner! Not only will we be caring for elderly dogs, we will offer 2 care spaces where individuals can board their dogs in the event of emergencies such as fires, unexpected hospital stays, etc. We want to extend our services to the canines owned by those escaping domestic violence situations as well and to veterans in need of hospital stays who do not have the funds to temporarily place their dogs in kennels. To accomplish this, we will partner with local WNY community organizations.

For those who do not currently share their lives with a dog, we will give you the opportunity to enjoy a visit with one or more of our senior canines. Whether you are a student studying for an important exam or someone who could use the loving snuggles of a senior canine, we encourage all who share our love of senior dogs to schedule a visit. Group visits and special events may be arranged with our volunteers who can help you decide if WWSDS is an appropriate venue for your group.

This allows us to raise the necessary funds to put the care and comfort of our senior dogs first. To this end, we will be seeking an appropriate property in Northern Erie County or Southern Niagara County and raising the funds to purchase it. 


We have big dreams! Follow along, volunteer, or donate to help us make these big dreams turn into a special place for senior dogs and the people who love them. Please “like” us on Facebook and “share” our dreams with your social network. Stay tuned for regular updates on our mission to give senior dogs a soft place to land when they find themselves experiencing homelessness. We are excited about this journey – great things are coming!

We are honored to have you along for the journey!

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