Our Favorite Enrichment Activities For Dogs

It’s winter in Western New York and it’s cold out, and I am sure your dog is stuck inside more?  

Am I right?

Now more than any other season it is important to stimulate your dog’s mental and physical health with enrichment exercises/toys. Enrichment toys encourage your dog to tap into their natural behaviors and provide different experiences for their senses. 

Animal enrichment can:  

  •   Eliminate Stress
  •   Reduce undesirable behaviors 
  •   Put boredom at bay

Here are some of our favorite enrichment toys that you can order for your dog on Amazon. Don’t forget to add us as your amazon smile nonprofit!

Treat Dispensing Bob-a-lot 

With this treat dispensing toy your dog can eat, exercise, and enjoy playing all at the same time.  This comes in two sizes, so no matter if you have a little or big dog they can let out their energy trying to knock this toy over for their treats.

This interactive toy can also hold up to three cups of food and has adjustable openings.

Petkoo Dog Lick Mat

Do you find it to be a challenge for your dog to sit still when trying to either clip their nails, or give them a bath? Whether they tend to get nervous, anxious, or restless this suction cup wall-mounting dog lick pad will help soothe them.  Spread your dog’s favorite treat and with the textured pattern of the mat it will take them longer to eat, keeping them entertained and calm at the same time. These are easy to stick, clean, and most importantly 100% safe for the doggos.

Snuffle Mat

Snuffle mats encourage natural foraging skills. Just scatter some food in the mat or bowl and watch your dog sniff and search for it.  10 minutes of snuffling = 1 hour of running.  This is perfect if your dog doesn’t always like to eat, or has extra energy they need to get out.  

AND our White Whiskers Art team is selling Snuffle Mats!

Large snuffle mats are approximately 12″x12″ and $15.
Small snuffle mats are approximately 8″x8″ and $10.
Pickup in West Amherst or shipping at buyer’s expense.

**Please note, snuffle mats are made with fleece and your dog should not be left with them unsupervised. 

Click here to visit our White Whiskers Art Page. 

If your dog loves to chew and is in need of some long lasting play time this is the perfect toy for them.  This 2-in-1 interactive toy can be used for both playing fetch and tugging, but also chewing.  The fabric is meant to be destroyed and inside your dog will find a rubber ball that squeaks.

Don’t want to spend all this extra money on toys and activities try some of these DIY enrichment activities.

Easy Muffin Tin Puzzle 

All you need for this is a metal muffin tin, tennis balls, and some treats.  Place the tennis balls on top of each cup to hide the treats, or make it more challenging by keeping some slots empty.  This game is sure to mentally stimulate your dog while providing them with a fun activity.