October 2023 Newsletter


Join us TODAY Oct 1st to support our friends at the Buffalo City Animal Shelter!


Our Online Auction is LIVE at NOON today!

Dog Treat Sale to benefit White Whiskers!

You have until October 4th to place your pierogi orders!

Our next Bottle & Can drive is the same day you pick up your pierogi orders.

October 21st 8a-4p at Xtra Dime Back

1041 Engelwood Ave Buffalo!


Happily Ever After…

Sassy joined our family in April 2023. I saw White Whiskers had a post about this senior girl whose owners were admitted to assisted living and she had to be re-homed. Being the caregiver of elderly parents at home, I thought she might fit right in, plus we had four dogs close to her size and age.

She had an instant profound and heartfelt bond to my 91 year old dad, Bill. This 13 year old pup was so comforted sleeping on his lap, at his feet and next to him in bed. She follows him everywhere (even into the bathroom)! Sassy gives him the same comfort back; he reaches for her in bed, he covers her up with a blanket, he talks to her. It’s as if they’ve been together forever.

Bad teeth had made Sassy very uncomfortable and undeniably in a lot of pain. Recent dental surgery has brought out a much happier, youthful and sassier girl! We can see it when she’s excited and dancing at meal time! She even lets us dress her up!

– Cindy O.


A note from our founder…

Even though our doors aren’t open yet, we are still in the process of rebuilding our property, and in the meantime, helping all local rescues, shelters and individual’s to get their senior dogs adopted.

Recently, we have aided several anxious pet adopters with some of their pups’ medical expenses. And in case you haven’t had your pet to the vet lately, I can assure you, those visits and tests and procedures aren’t cheap!

If you would like to help us with our rebuilding or our ongoing adoption work, please know that your kind donations will be greatly appreciated!

We take checks (made out to White Whiskers and mailed to POB 366 Buffalo. 14225), Venmo (@Polla-Milligan) or PayPal, and we are grateful for all!

-Polla Milligan, Founder

Did you know?

That dogs sense of smell is at least 40X better than ours – The area of cells in the brain that detect different smells is around 40 times larger in dogs than humans. This means that your dog can pick up on way more smells than we ever could. This is why dogs are often used to sniff out people, drugs and even money!

Some have such good noses, they can sniff out humans’ medical problems –Medical detection dogs are real!. Because their sense of smell is so great, some dogs can be trained to sniff out medical conditions. They are used to diagnose a particular condition or to alert their owners if they need more medication. Some are even being

trained to sniff out Covid-19!

One of these incredible dogs is Medical Detection Dog, Pal, who was awarded thePDSA Order of Merit. Pal played a vital role in diabetic owner Claire’s life by alerting her to changes in her blood sugar. If not caught in time, these changes could have killed her.

Greyhounds are the fastest breed of dogs – Most dogs could easily outrun a human –they’re built to run and chase! The fastest breed of dog by far, though, is the Greyhound. These speedy Sight Hounds can reach a top speed of 45mph within seconds of starting to run. And they can maintain that speed for about 7 miles!

Dogs can be right or left-pawed – There have been a few studies around this and it turns out that just like us, dogs have a preferred hand (well, paw) to lead with. You can find out whether your dog is left or right-pawed by giving them their favorite toy or interactive game and seeing which paw they use to help them first.

Dogs have 18 muscles controlling their ears – You might notice that your dog’s ears move around a lot. They actually have around 18 muscles responsible for moving their ears. These help them to change the direction of their ears slightly to hear noises around them better, and play a really big part in telling us how our dogs are feeling. A lot of a dog’s body language is expressed through what their ears are doing so a dog’s ears are vital in helping them communicate both with us and other dogs.

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