February 2022 Newsletter

February 2022 Newsletter

On December 30, 2021, White Whiskers officially closed on our new property. Located on Nash Road in Wheatfield, we still need to procure our Special Use Permit in February. But it appears the wonderful folks at our new town hall are backing us, and THEY ALL LOVE DOGS!    

Our house sits on 5.1 acres of farmland and was built in 1830. It needs a lot of work, and will be used for meetings and get-togethers. The sanctuary must be built separately as the land around the house is zoned for multiple animals whereas the house is only zoned for 6.    

We need to raise at least $250,000, and we are working on many ways to do this including working with professional capital campaign coordinators (doing this for free!) and a splendid, brilliant architect, Dave Sutton, who is also pro bono!!    

The Betty White Challenge brought in more than $20,000 which will all go toward the property!    

As soon as we have the permit, we will have an open house weekend to which all of you will be invited to come and see our plans.

During the winter and spring months we will be enacting smaller, online campaigns including:  

– Our online soup sale beginning February 7 

-Our semi-annual flower bulb sale beginning March 1  

-Our super springtime online auction from April 3 – 7 

-And another  T-Shirt Extravaganza. 

Our ‘Raise the Woof’ Campaign is just about to launch. To begin, we are selling shingles! They are priced at $10 and $20 and  have a tag where you can write the name(s) of someone you want to remember, a beloved pet, a relative or yourself. Or you can gift someone. Every penny will go toward the renovations on the house. The tag has our logo and the words, “I helped ‘Raise the Woof’ for White Whiskers Senior Dog Sanctuary.” Once we have the sanctuary built, you will be invited to bring it to the place for us to hang it up. We want to honor everyone who assisted in the creation of White Whiskers!

Things we are looking for…

 Items for our April Online Auction: 

-Kid & Adult Easter Baskets 

-Lotions, Potions, Perfumes 


-Easter/spring decor 



-Beauty/Self Care Items 

-Picture Frames (themed) 


-Easter Candy  

To donate, please email Kim at or Robyn at  

Items from our Amazon Wish List: 

– Envelopes 



-Dog bowls

Click here to view our Wish List!

We are also working on a doggie fashion show/adoption event for June 12 with celebrity judges, a basket raffle and two spokes-dogs. “Sashaying into Summer with Vera Wag and Louis Furton” is still a work in progress at this point, but details are coming soon! And we know it will be a tremendous hit!!  

Please check our website and Facebook pages for further updates. And please remember, THIS IS HAPPENING!!!!