December 2021 Newsletter

December 2021 Newsletter

A HUGE thank you to everyone who donated yesterday on Giving Tuesday! Thanks to all of you, we raised over $7,000 on Facebook alone!!!   

Join us this Saturday From Noon-4pm!

Volunteer Spotlight – Bonnie & Jessica Trunzo

Bonnie (the Mom) and Jessica (the daughter) are a volunteer team that seemed to one day not be there and the next day, be there for everything Whiskers, no matter what!  

Mick Trunzo (The dad), works for Hunt Real Estate and has been diligently looking for a Whiskers property for well over a year. It’s kind of like we co-opted the entire family! (Although so far, the brother has only contributed smart-aleck-y comments.)

Here’s what Bonnie has to say about joining up with us – “I was told by a friend who volunteered at the Erie County SPCA about a group named White Whiskers that dealt with senior dogs…. A few weeks later I saw you were having info sessions telling about WW and looking for volunteers. I attended the info session at the NT library and loved the passion. Dogs don’t judge and always put a smile on your face when they are around.     Nothing better!”

In Jessica’s words – “I started getting really involved last     summer/fall. I was always aware of the cause because of my mother volunteering but never thought to join myself. Dogs are non-judgemental.  They don’t talk back to you, tell you you’re wrong, call you crazy, none of that. They give you unconditional love and friendship, and who could ask for anything better?? I’d tell any friend that if they are a true dog lover, they will absolutely love this cause. There are so many great reasons to join up!” Bonnie says, “Come and see what WW is all about, and I bet you will love it!”

We’re just very glad both of them love WW as their willingness to lend a hand means everything!

Polla Milligan
Founder & President