August 2022 Newsletter

Annual Summer Concert hosted by the Amherst Symphony

We will be there, stop and say hello! A Pre-Concert featuring Taylor Made Jazz is sure to be a treat (4:30-5:30)! A Summer Music Mix concert with Conductor, Bryan Eckenrode, and Soprano, Karen D’Angelo.

TODAY  August 1, 2022 at 6:30pm – Island Park, 5565 Main St, Williamsville, NY14221

Cheers. Love. Rescue @ Resurgence Brewing Company 

Join us for a Sunday Funday filled with drinks, shopping and adoptable cats and dogs! Help us raise money for eleven amazing local animal rescues/organizations. There will be a basket raffle, silent auction and merchandise on site. Well behaved, leashed dogs are welcome.

  • August 14th, 2022  1:00 – 6:00pm
  • Resurgence Brewing Company – 55 Chicago St., Buffalo, NY 14204  

We are Raffling off a Tailgating Party Package! 

Purchase Tickets Here

SAVE The Date! October 22nd 

On October 22, we will be hosting a unique raffle with over 300 gently used, donated purses, wallets, piggy banks and more. Each item will cost $20, and you will be able to pick out just the one you want!  But the most exciting part is, some of those items will also   include a hidden surprise – a gift card or MONEY!  In one of those fabulous pieces, we will place $500!  Put this on your calendar and join us! 

Also includes a bake sale, our jewelry spin wheel, merchandise and craft sale and more. The bar will be open!! 

  • Saturday October 22  12:00 – 4:00pm
  • Sikora Post – 950 Payne Ave., North Tonawanda, NY

Want to help?  We are looking for:

  • New or gently used purses & wallets
  • $10 and $20 Gift Cards 

If you would like to assist with any of the items above, please e-mail

Cold treats for your four legged companion

The dog days of summer are here… here are a few recipes that your pup will love:

Watermelon Carrot Pupsicles

Peanut Butter Dog Pupsicles

Strawberry Banana Pupsicles

Sweet Potato Carrot Pupsicles

Apple Pupsicles

Senior Story…

I saw Megan’s adorable self on the White Whiskers FB page. She and her siblings had been left in a kennel for 2 years. The siblings were all going to a sanctuary, but Megan was left behind. She had been in the kennel with a bulldog that bit her head and her behind. I reached out to White Whiskers and Polla filled me in on how she was living and let me know that she was deaf and almost completely blind. I immediately wanted her. Polla connected me with a contact person, and we made arrangements to bring Megan to our home. 

When she arrived at our house, she looked odd and broken in a way. Not like a normal dog. Her back was swayed and her legs were bowed. She didn’t run. She didn’t greet you. She didn’t lick you. She didn’t wag her tail. She was frightened at first, but managed to navigate the house extremely well. She was so smart. She was amazing. We made some modifications around the house to prevent her from hurting herself, much like you’d do with a person with these deficits. One day after about a week or two, Megan found her voice and barked loudly and wagged her tail while doing so. That was a joyous time for us. 

Sadly, around April of 2022, Megan’s back legs started to fail her and then her front paws started getting weak too. She tried so hard to walk and that’s all she really wanted.   When she could stand, she’d take a few steps and fall or go into a laying position. We helped her get to her food and water and held her so she could feel like she was standing. Other days, we’d just let her eat lying down with support from us and we would also hand feed her. She was so strong. She was not a quitter. She used her voice to let us know everything she needed.   Despite all of her difficulties, she still went pee-pee outside. 

Megan had 2 sisters and one brother. They all loved her, but they gave her space. She didn’t play with them, but after all she was already 15 years old so she laid around with her older sister, Cali (18 years old). Megan loved wagon rides around the neighborhood with Cali, and she enjoyed the swimming pool to cool off and take the pressure off of her limbs. I used to press my mouth against her little head to speak to her so that she could feel the vibrations. One time when she first arrived, she gave Jerry and me each one lick on the lips. I think it’s because we had just eaten chicken, but we both told ourselves that it was because she loved us. That was the only lick we ever got, but it was ok with us. In recent days, she loved to be held and kissed, and we took full advantage of that. We kissed that snout and her beautiful face more times that we could count and told her we loved her over and over. 

Megan left us yesterday, and our hearts are broken. Lap of Love came to our home and she   was freed her from pain, laying down in one of her favorite spots on the grass outside. We laid next to her and held her and talked to her and kissed her throughout. Megan was pure, innocent and kind. I wish we had more days with her to make up for all the terrible days she had in the kennel. It doesn’t seem fair. We will miss her until they day we die. 

Thank you, Polla, for bringing precious Megan to us. May she rest peacefully and walk and run in heaven like she wanted to here on earth. 

Connie & Jerry Wendling