A Message from Our Founder

Western New York needs a senior dog sanctuary! Many older dogs need special attention and care that cannot always be provided by other shelters. I want to make sure that our aging furry friends are given the best lives possible!

I have owned dogs pretty much all my life and have 27 boxes of ashes because of my habit of adopting the elderly and/or infirm. All lives have meaning! No matter the circumstances, all of us, two and four-legged, need love!

This project will not only provide comfort and security for our senior canines, our plan is to also impact our community in very positive ways! While being a safe harbor for old dogs, we can also be a beacon of light and an agent of comfort for people who are struggling with a myriad of issues. The therapeutic nature of dogs is well known. In rescuing them, we will also be rescuing ourselves, as well as those in need of emotional support around us.

To make this happen it’s going to require ALL of us – no exceptions! Despite our differences, we truly will unite for the greater good.

Lofty and ambitious plans? You bet!
Realizable? I am sure of it, as I have been sure of nothing else!

We WILL make this happen! And you are all welcome to come along for this ride!

Polla Milligan
Founder & President
White Whiskers Senior Dog Sanctuary