Graphic Design Contest

Calling All Creatives!

White Whiskers Senior Dog Sanctuary of Western New York will be a unique senior dog sanctuary in the Buffalo NY area. We are an all-volunteer venture that aims to ease the stress that senior dogs experience. When they lose their homes we will provide a compassionate option for them to live out their years in safety, comfort, and peace. 

We are currently in our fundraising stage, and an exterior & interior design of our sanctuary would help folks envision our mission and vision. So, we are holding a contest for graphic and interior designers (and any other creatives who are interested). 

The winning artist will receive a $100 Visa Gift Card along with lots of recognition and love! The winning artwork will serve as the sanctuary vision for all to see until we can purchase property. 

Contest Opens February 15th

Submission Deadline June 1st 

Email pdf submissions to

Winners will be notified on June 14th

What we are looking for: 

1 Exterior view based on our vision below.
1 Interior room based on our vision below.

Exterior Vision:

As you pull up the driveway of our 3 acre sanctuary you are greeted by a beautiful sanctuary sign with our logo. A  farm house with a gorgeous flower garden, and a barn for future feral cats. 

Interior Vision: (please select 1 room to pursuit)

As you walk into the front door you are greeted by wonderful volunteers who are ready to give you a tour of our sanctuary. Our entryway walls are full of beautiful art pieces along with bone shaped metal memorial plaques that can be purchased in memory of your pets that have crossed the rainbow bridge. 

The next room you will enter is our living room. When you enter the living room you are met by 6 of our senior dogs who are ready to love on you as you sit on one of our couches watching tv or reading a good book. Some dogs may be more shy and might stay on one of the many dog beds in the room until they warm up to you. 

The next room on the tour is our study/quiet room. This room will be utilized for those who want to come to work or study in the company of our senior dogs. College students studying for finals. Those of you who are lucky enough to be able to work from home can also come by and work at one of our tables or desks for a few hours, whatever is most comfortable. As long as you don't mind being distracted by 5 of our friendly seniors. This room will also be used for our reading to seniors program that we hope to start. This program will be for students who are struggling to read or or just learning to read. These students can come cuddle with and read to our senior dogs. They will not judge. 

One of the last rooms on the tour is a multi purpose room. This room will be used for group therapy sessions, meetings, birthday parties, and whatever other fun events we would like to host onsite! In this room are some of our adorable senior dogs, along with tables and space for various events. 

*Please remember that we are not building this house from the ground up. Our plan is to purchase an old farmhouse and retrofit it to meet our needs. So rooms that were previously bedrooms may now be turned into living rooms, and multi purpose rooms etc. There will be no kennels on our property. We will match dogs up in rooms based on their behaviors and preferences. If you have any additional questions please feel free to reach out to 

Submission Deadline June 1st 

Email pdf submissions to

Happy Designing!


Individuals and groups who are seeking volunteer opportunities in Buffalo NY, look no further than White Whiskers Senior Dog Sanctuary! We are currently in the fundraising stage of our non-profit and are in need of immediate help with: